Author: susanwaterhousegmailcom

Three in one

We did three museums in one day. After a lovely breakfast at LPQ we went to the Breuer. First visit for us. They had an excellent Klimt, Schele, Picasso nude drawings exhibit. Comparing the three in one exhibit was interesting.

After that, since we had a combination ticket and because we were in New York we went to the Met. We revisited the heavenly bodies clothing exhibit that we saw last spring. Still amazing. We missed these Byzantine offerings before. This Matisse designed cloth was great was sewn together by a group of nuns. Fun to see the different sewing styles when you look up close. We also saw a Delacroix exhibit that was interesting. His paintings from his Moroccan time were great.  It seems that a lot of the old towns haven’t changed at all .

After a quick deli stop for calzone and soup we visited the Morgan Library.-again a first for us.

They had an exhibit on monsters from medieval books of prayer. I was surprised how much fear of the unknown was used to control people.This drawing showing the three aspects of god was also interesting.

In the evening we saw the Tony award winning The Band’s Visit.  We had enjoyed the movie when it came out years ago and enjoyed the play as well.

What a great day

We started the day with waffles in Herald Square.We did lots of walking, shopping and sight seeing.   The weather was perfect.This evening we went to a cabaret to see a comedy show. It was mixed as far as talent goes. But still fun. We had Korean food for dinner then walked around. The steps of the library were candlelit for some reason. Very pretty.