Bucket list #2

Ravenna did not disappoint. so many amazing mosaics. This one is of Abraham showing hospitality while Sarah looks on and then he tries to sacrifice Isaac. this one shows Jesus getting baptized surrounded by his apostles and a throne. It looks like the throne is a Turkish poof. Of course. I missed getting a picture of the last supper where everyone is eating while reclining Roman style. This was definitely worth a side trip to see.

Bucket list item #1

We spent most of the day at the Egyptian museum in Turin. They have an amazing collection we’ve been wanting to see for a while. We saw mummies: lots of 3000 year old clothes: fun dishes. and ancient linen yarn.

If we can’t be in Egypt this was pretty close.

No pics

We had a lovely day yesterday. Will spent the day at his meeting. He was excited by the things he learned. I spent the day sleeping in, doing some shopping and visiting the cathedral. This afternoon we leave for Turin.


here we are in sunny mainz. Just kidding. We would be disappointed if it was sunny here this time of year. We’re standing in he market square that has been planted with lots of pansies. Very pretty. we went to the Gutenberg museum. Wonderful Exhibit on printing and book making. we found these lovely people at the local art museum. I love the contrast in emotions between the two. They were originally above the door of a local church. These two we’re also at the museum. They were from the 1300s.

NIJ Germany Italy

Were on our way to Europe! Will plans to attend his favorite retina meeting in Frankfurt then we are going to Italy to check off some items on our bucket list. In the meantime. Amanda is flying to Cairo tomorrow. Should be a fun week for us.